Council holds retreat to develop Five Year Strategic Plan to guide its operations

The strategic retreat and planning session was facilitated jointly by the local Consultants, Nickey //Gaseb and Sam Geiseb, who were also contracted with the support of the MEFT-GIZ Climate Change and Inclusive Use of Natural Resources Project to  develop the Strategic Plan for the Council.

Speaking at the strategic retreat, Ms. Gloria Simubali emphasized the importance of the Five Year Strategic Plan for the sustainability of the Council and for leaving a legacy for the future Councils to build on.

A SWOT analysis was undertaken to guide the formulation of the Strategic Plan and the high level statements for the Council, including mission, mandate, vision and core values, were agreed upon. A corporate scorecard was also developed to guide the operations of the Council over the next five years. The draft Communication Strategy and Resource Mobilization Strategy for the Council were also presented and integrated within the corporate scorecard.

It was agreed to hold one further consultation on the Five Year Strategic Plan before endorsement at Council level and onward presentation to the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism.