Hon. Minister Shifeta launches Namibia’s Second Integrated State of the Environment Report

Namibia’s Second National Integrated State of the Environment Report was launched on the 30th March 2022 and aims to communicate credible, timely and accessible information about the condition of the environment to decision makers, the general public and any other interested stakeholder.

At the launch event, Hon. Shifeta described it as a landmark publication that provides detailed information on the health of Namibia’s environment in terms of 171 indicators covering five main areas:

  1. Environmental resources and their uses
  2. Environmental protection, management and engagement
  3. Residuals and waste products
  4. Extreme events and disasters
  5. Human settlements and environmental health.

The report also provides an assessment of the key indicators in terms of whether the indicator is in the desired state or whether management actions are required to improve the state of the indicator. Lastly, it provides recommendations for immediate, medium term and long term management actions that need to be prioritized for improving the state of Namibia’s environment.

At the launch event, it was announced that the report and its key findings would be tabled in Parliament and that there would be a dedicated Conference to unpack the report and its findings and recommendations with all stakeholders and that the report would be produced at 5 year intervals from now on. Hon. Shifeta also gave thanks to the Sustainable Development Advisory Council for its valuable contributions and guidance in overseeing the development of this report. The full report is downloadable at https://sdacnamibia.org/sites/default/files/Namibia%20final%20ISOER.pdf