Sustainable Development Awards Programme

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia and the Sustainable Development Advisory Council have joined forces to bring you Namibia’s first ever Sustainable Development Awards Programme, which intends to recognise the importance of integrating sustainability into the core of business and industry as well as the daily lives of Namibians from all walks of life.

The organisers invite nominations in the following categories:

  • Environmental Excellence among Industry

This category targets mainly private sector companies, parastatals and local authorities and seeks to reward the application of innovative technologies and exciting approaches, which minimize operational impacts on the environment. Environmentally friendly approaches to the management and use of energy, water and waste, and eco-certification schemes will be the main focus areas of this category.

A trophy, certificate and N$ 20,000 will be up for grabs in this category.

  • Natural Resource Management and Utilisation

This category is intended to focus on local level initiatives, which are improving local wellbeing and livelihoods while protecting the environment. Community-Based Organisations, Youth and Women’s Groups and Non-Governmental Organisations are encouraged to apply under this category.

A trophy, certificate and N$ 150,000 will be up for grabs under this category.

  • Research and Development

This category identifies practical research achievements that are original and significant to Namibia, and advance knowledge on the conservation and sustainable utilisation of the environment, while also delivering social and economic benefits for the country.

A trophy, certificate and N$ 80,000 will be up for grabs under this category.

  • Thought Leadership

This category intends to honour inspiring leaders who are role models and trailblazers in the area of environmental sustainability.

The winner of this award will take home a trophy, certificate and N$ 30,000 (to be donated to a charity of his / her choice).

  • Environmental Education and Communication for Sustainability

This category intends to target outstanding practitioners in the field of environmental education. Applicants are encouraged to highlight campaigns and initiatives, which have lead to demonstrable impacts in terms of imparting knowledge on environmental issues and promoting behavioural change among the population.

A trophy, certificate and N$ 30,000 will be up for grabs under this category.